Snorerox Retail Starter Set

  • $578.00

The Finesse Home Snorerox Collection is an effective combination of marjoram, eucalyptus, and peppermint which creates a refreshing menthol aroma. The menthol aromas help clear airways during the night, resulting in a silent, peaceful night's sleep.

The Snorerox Starter Set Includes: 

  • 12x 8oz Snorerox Stone Jars
  • 12x 115ml Snorerox Spray
  • 6x 50ml Snorerox Jar Refresher Oil
  • 24x 10ml Snorerox Roll Ons Roll On Rack & POS
  • 6x 10ml Snorerox Essential Oil Blend
  • Snorerox Stone Jar TESTER
  • Snorerox Spray TESTER
  • Snorerox Roll On TESTER
  • Snorerox Essential Oil Blend TESTER
  • Roll On Display Rack
  • Roll On Point of Sale Sign
  • Snorerox Point of Sale Sign