Sleep - Retail Starter Set

  • $704.00

The Sleep range is made with pure essential French lavender oil. It is this unique and delicate blending method that has proved to be so effective for helping customers achieve a good night's sleep. Our Starter Kits have been designed to give instant visual impact to retail stores, they are selected from key selling lines and are proven top sellers.

The Sleep Starter Set Includes:

  • 30x  Sleep Stones Packets
  • 12x  Sleep Stones Jars
  • 6x  Sleep Spray 115ml
  • 6x  Sleep Spray 230ml
  • 24x Sleep Roll Ons 10ml
  • 6x Sleep Stones Refresher Oil 50ml
  • Sleep Stones Jar TESTER
  • Sleep Spray 115ml TESTER
  • Sleep Roll On TESTER
  • Roll On Display Rack
  • Roll On Point of Sale Sign
  • Sleep Point of Sale Sign

Sleep Stones® are the registered trademark of Finesse Home Fragrances