Finesse Room Scenter Plug In SHOW OFFER ON SALE

  • $86.40

Our Finesse Room Scenter is one of our most popular travel products, this small light portable plug in can be used easily while travelling as well as in your home

The Plug In Room Scenter comes with new 5 pads that can be used with various Finesse Essential Oils

Cant Sleep? Then try our Sleep - Relax - Dream - Lavender Essential oil

Buggy Cottage, Camper? Then try Outback - Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Insects? Then try Peppermint Essential OiI

Just want to Relax Then try Relax - Destress - Well Being Essential Oil

Just add a couple of drops of your favourite Finesse Essential Oil to the Room Scenter and enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils. Perfect for travel, Camper vans, Boats, Hotel rooms etc.

Sold in box of 12 $96   $8 each    SHOW OFFER Box 12 $86.40  $7.20 each