SANNITOR Hand Sanitizer 19 Litre Refill

SANNITOR Hand Sanitizer 19 Litre Refill

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 Alcohol Based - Spray & Go Hand Sanitizer.

Alcohol Based - Spray & Go Hand Sanitizer.
◆ Manufactured in BC. 
◆ Certified Government Approved Formula with NPN license
Medicinal Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol 70% v/v.
Non medicinal ingredients: Aqua, Glycerol ( Vegetable based Glycerin ), Lavandula
angustifolia (Lavender Essential Oil) , Mentha piperita ( Peppermint Essential Oil ).
◆ Available Size: 60ml / 120ml / 1.0 Litre / 19.0 Litre
◆ Kills Germs - Provides Complete Antiseptic Cleansing

Environmentally Safe - Vegan - Quality Plant Based Ingredients - Paraben Free - Sulphate Free - Made with natural pure Canadian USP High Grade Alcohol, vegetable glycerin and pure essential oils.

Our liquid formulations keep hands soft and safe. The bottles come with an easy to apply spray head and child proof cap on the 1.0 Litre Re-fills.

SANNITOR is Government Approved and has been supplied to emergency care workers, essential services throughout Canada.

GEL V ALCOHOL - Finesse only produce sanitizer in a liquid format and there has been much research on this. In a nutshell, liquids tend to act more rapidly (roughly 15 seconds), leaving less residual substance on the surface of the hands. Gels need a longer period (30 seconds) to act, which can result in reduced compliance and hands will feel more sticky. If someone dabs gel hand sanitizer on their hands, giving it a quick rub and wiping it off, effectiveness is greatly reduced. This is an important distinction, that goes hand in hand with the notion that we should be spending upwards of 20 seconds washing our hands, especially now that we know that anything less is ineffective in killing the germs that may be lingering on the surfaces of our hands.

Our formulation uses the highest grade “USP Pharmaceutical Grade Alcohol” which combined with pure vegetable glycerin and essential oils, ensures hands are not only protected, they do not dry out and damage the skin which happens with lesser grade  alcohols. We are fully licensed and operate with a Government approved formulation and Natural Health Product (NPN) certification.


60ml            $3.95 each sold Packs of 12  

120ml          $6.00 each sold in Packs of 6

1 Litre          $24.00 each sold in Packs 4

19 Litre         $418 each -  Container comes with control valve for Re-filling

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Perfect for emergency hand cleaning without the need for water

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat 70%, Aqua, Lavender Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vegetable Glycerin.

Directions: Spray into hands when needed. Rub hands thoroughly for 30 seconds to ensure complete coverage.

With added extra glycerin to help protect hands from the drying effect of alcohol and with pure essential oils of Lavender & Peppermint Oil

Available Size:  60ml - 120ml - 1 Litre - 19 Litres