Finesse Your Feet Footcare

Finesse Your Feet Footcare

  • $528.00

At Finesse we look after our feet with care, Our Finesse your feet footcare range ensures that your most treasured tired aching sore feet are lovingly restored back to health

Step 1 Use Healing Foot Balm to heal cracked dry brittle skin

Step 2  Cleanse feet daily with Foot Cleanse bar that contains healing Lavender oils to keep skin healthy and help with cell regeneration

Step 3 Use Foot Repair Creme daily to keep supple and moisturized

Step 4  Use Foot refresh spray to keep feet refreshed during the day 


Retail Starter set Includes

Healing Foot Balm x 18

Foot Repair Creme x 6

Foot Refresh Spray 230ml x 6

Foot Refresh Spray 115ml x 12

Foot Cleansing Bar x 12

Foot Pumice Stone x 12

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