Cresno Glass Ultrasonic Diffuser STOCK VERY LOW

  • $192.00

It's time to throw your old diffuser away and enjoy this beautiful sculptured glass Cresno diffuser from Finesse.

$48.00 each sold in sets of 4 $192

Designed to be enjoyed with Finesse Essential Oils, just add 4 - 6 drops of your favourite oils and enjoy the incredible aromas..

As a high end, crafted piece, the Cresno sits perfectly with any decor within your home. Colours may slightly vary due to handblown glass

The Cresno diffuser has a built in water sensor which automatically shuts off
the vapourizer when the water level is too low.

* Adaptor AC 120V 50/60Hz
* Power 12W
* Water Capacity 120ml
* Suitable Area: 430 sq ft
* 2 Vapour Stages ( high or intermittent mist setting )
* Operating time: - 5 hrs continuous | 10 hrs intermittent
* Finish - Glass

( Oils are not included )