Cooling Ice Towel - Retail Starter Set

  • $171.00

Cooling towels are perfect for any activity. To activate, simply wet towel and shake! The shaking activates the cooling technology. Stays cool for up to four hours. 

Comes with a 60ml Cooling Spray for the body.

Extra Large Ice Towel  12" x 31"  Bandana Style

The latest Cooltek fabric technology keeps you up to 30% cooler. The Ice towel dries soft and has an SPF 50+. It's perfect for those who want to stay cool, no matter what the activity. 


  • 9x Outback Ice Cooling Towels
  • 9x Yoga Sport Ice Cooling Towels
  • 1x Outback Ice Cooling Towel TESTER
  • 1x Yoga Sport Ice Cooling Towel TESTER
  • Cooling Towel Display Box