Finesse Car Scenter Plugin SHOW OFFER ON SALE

  • $86.40

Simple is best with our Auto Scent Plugin. Complete with 5 foam pads, just add a couple of drops of your favourite Finesse Essential Oil to the pad and Plugin to your car socket and enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils. 

Boxed and ready to display - sold in sets of 12      This product works great when used with the following Finesse Essential Oils 

Travel ease  - Spearmint - Peppermint and Ginger to help prevent travel sickness

Lime - To keep you alert whilst driving

Focus - Rosemary and Lemon to help keep your mind alert on long journeys

Peppermint - To help avoid headaches while driving


Auto Plug In Sold Box 12 $96    $8 each     Now only $86.40 Box 12 $7.20 each


Spare pads also available